Albany Hill Realty is conveniently located at:

Gateview 555 Pierce St Suite 3 Albany, CA 94706

We are the ONLY ON-SITE sales and leasing office at Gateview. We specialize in sales and leasing of Gateview condominiums. Buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords all walk into our on-site office daily. Other real estate offices might insinuate that their office is at Gateview, too, although Albany Hill Realty is the original and only on-site office. Our 37 years of experience in Gateview condominiums is a tremendous advantage.
Allan Bolte has been with Albany Hill Realty since 1982, and a Gateview condominium owner since 1986. Cathy Roberts is a former Gateview Homeowners Association Manager and is also a Gateview condominium owner since 1987.
We frequently offer brokerage fee specials as low as 3.95%. Contact us for details if you are thinking of selling or leasing your Gateview unit.

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